All participants must be registered in advance of the conference. Onsite registration will not be provided. The registration includes participation in the conference, coffee breaks, lunch, and dinner but no accommodation. Please book your accommodation directly. Rooms are limited and only blocked for conference participants until 15 January 2022.

Important Covid-19 information: Please carefully check which entry restrictions may apply with regard to your home country. For details, see the German regulations on travelling and large events below. As these regulations are susceptible to change, the organizers suggest that you visit these sites regularly.

  1. Registration for the EGU Galileo Conference is secured via payment of the appropriate registration fee.
  2. There is no waiving of registration fees.
  3. Participants who applied for a travel support will be informed individually

Registration fees

When registering, there are two payment options: (a) by credit card or (b) by bank transfer.

Categories Registration rates
(deadline 15 January 2022, 13:00 CET)
Regular €360
Early career scientist (ECS)

Field Trip

We plan to visit the study sites of the Pyrophob project in a nearby managed pine forest that burnt in 2018. Pyrophob members will introduce highly diverse post-fire forest management strategies and their impacts on vegetation recovery, ecosystem functioning, local biodiversity, soils, hydrology and microclimate. We will discuss these impacts and diverse societal interests concerning forest ecosystem services with regional stakeholders.

The day will start at about 8:30am with an introduction to the Pyrophob project. Then, the group will be split into two subgroups to visit two different sites near Treuenbrietzen, about 40min south-east of the venue. We will meet for a joint picknick-style lunch in the field and visit the respective other site in the afternoon. We plan to be back to the venue/hotel at about 5pm.

Participation in the field trip requires a separate payment (25-35€ or less depending on the number of participants). You can register for the field trip together with the conference registration. Payment will be in cash at the venue.

COVID-19 disclaimer

The following disclaimer must be accepted inside registration web form when acquiring your participation.
  1. All attendees are obliged to fulfil the German requirements for the event participation including, but not limited to, evidence of a low epidemiological risk (e.g. vaccination status of EMA-approved vaccine), FFP-2 or medical masks, distance measure, usage of disinfectants, etc. These regulations might be adjusted from now until the Galileo Conference starts.
  2. In order to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and to guarantee a safe conference for all participants, all attendees must agree to strictly follow the hygiene concept of the Galileo Conference and the rules stated at the time as issued by the German authorities, the conference venue, the organizing committee, and Copernicus Meetings. These regulations and the hygiene concept might be adjusted several times, including adjustments on short notice just before the conference starts. Under this aspect, participation is at the risk of the attendee. Neither Copernicus Meetings nor the organizing committee, the conference venue, or any company providing services for the conference can be made liable for any possible infections, resulting damages to the attendee's health, or any subsequent suffering an attendee might get.
  3. The contact details of attendees will be recorded for possible contact tracing and must be passed on by Copernicus Meetings to the German authorities in the event of an emergency.
  4. Possible adjustments to the German requirements for the event participation and/or the Galileo Conference hygiene concept might lead to a situation where either an attendee is forced to cancel their registration or Copernicus Meetings as event organizer is forced to cancel it. For such late cancellations due to German travel and/or event regulations, Copernicus Meetings will reimburse the attendee's gross registration fee without an additional cancellation fee. Copernicus Meetings and the organizing committee would not be liable for any subsequent claims for any other reimbursements (e.g. attendee's travel or accommodation costs).

Terms and conditions

  • Registrations are for the persons specified and are non-transferable.
  • Changes to registration invoices are only possible with regard to the invoice address or order references. Any such claims must be received by Copernicus Meetings no later than 6 weeks after the last day of the conference. Later requests cannot be considered.
  • Changes to the registration rate selected in the finalized registration form, including received invoice, can only be realized for unpaid invoices. Then, the attendee is asked to cancel the registration order and to place a new order through the registration form, including the correct registration rate. Please note that the deadline for registration is also valid in such cases.
Cancellation policy
  • Registration fees will only be refunded if the notice of cancellation is received by Copernicus Meetings before 31 January 2022. The cancellation fee is €50.
  • Cancellations after 31 January 2022 and no-shows are not eligible for a refund.
  • There is no reason (including but not limited to illness, inability to travel, visa application rejection, travel restrictions, etc.) for registration cancellation that makes the above-mentioned deadline for cancellations inapplicable.

The organizers cannot accept liability for personal accident, loss, or damage to private property, which may be incurred as a result of the participation in the conference. Participants are, therefore, advised to arrange appropriate insurance coverage. This should apply not only to travel but also to cancellation costs.