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Invited speakers

The following scientists have agreed to present invited talks at the conference:

Abigail Alwood, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, United States
Fabrice Gaillard, University of Orleans, France
Steven Goderis, Vrije Universitet Brussel, Belgium
Paul Falkowski, Rutgers University, United States
Kevin Heng, University of Bern, Switzerland
Dennis Höning, German Aerospace Centre, Germany
Emmanuelle Javaux, University of Liège, Belgium
Anders Johansen, Lund University, Sweden
Jim Kasting, Penn State University, United States
Alessandro Morbidelli, University of Nice, France
Lena Noack, Royal Observatory of Belgium, Belgium
Heike Rauer, German Aerospace Centre, Germany
Minik Rosing, Natural History Museum of Denmark, Denmark
Tilman Spohn, German Aerospace Centre, Germany
Paul Tackley, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Kai Wünnemann, Natural History Museum, Berlin, Germany